Training & Certification

The SIRI Assessor Programme was established to formally recognize independent and neutral individuals who are able to professionally assess a manufacturing facility using SIRI and its accompanying frameworks and tools. The SIRI Assessor Certification Scheme aims to safeguard the integrity and consistency of the SIRI assessment conducted by ensuring the quality and proficiency of the SIRI Assessor. The SIRI Assessor Programme consists of a training course and a certification scheme.


If you are an industry practitioner keen to take a proactive, advisory role in catalysing manufacturing transformation, we welcome you to become a Certified SIRI Assessor (CSA) under the Certified SIRI Assessor Programme.

To become a CSA, individuals must first enrol for the SIRI Assessor Training Course, offered by any Approved Training Provider, before registering for the CSA Examination. Further information on the Certified SIRI Assessor Programme, such as the application process, prerequisites, and syllabus, can be found in the infographic and downloadable factsheet below.

Download the CSA Programme Factsheet


The SIRI Assessor Training Course is a 5-day programme covering content on Industry 4.0, SIRI frameworks and tools, business consulting and the methodology for conducting an Official SIRI Assessment.

This course welcomes both individuals planning to be qualified as CSAs and in-house Subject Matter Experts from manufacturing companies who are keen to better understand the frameworks and tools used in the SIRI Assessment in order to conduct internal, informal assessments for their own firms.

Below is the list of Approved Training Providers that offer the SIRI Assessor Training Course. Click on their logos to register for one of the upcoming courses.

Approved Training Providers


Examination Details

Candidates who have completed the SIRI Assessor Training Course, and have met all pre-requisites, can register for any of the upcoming examinations listed here. The CSA Examination consists of two sections: a theory paper comprising multiple-choice questions (MCQ) and a practical case interview.


Calendar for Upcoming Examinations